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Vetstock Nigeria Limited is an integrated veterinary and allied product pharmaceutical company engaged in manufacturing and supply of veterinary drugs, and agro allied, Crop Science Ingredients, cosmetics and Nutritional Products. It also provides services in Contract Manufacturing and Drug Discovery Solutions. The Company’s strength lies in its unique offerings of veterinary Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and services.

Our success is an outcome of strategic focus on the pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industry, moving up the pharmaceutical value chain for products and services across geographies, constantly investing in various growth platforms and promoting a culture of innovation.

We are engaged in continuous improvement of products and processes to enhance the quality of production and cost competitiveness in order to build value for our customers. Vetstock serves its customers globally with and promoting productivity in the animal husbandry...

Over the years, vetstock has extended its footprint beyond Nigeria to other Africa countries like Kenya, Malawi, lesotho,bostwana Uganda.ghana Cameroon and south Africa..

Our multi-location presence helps us in getting closer to customers and serving them better with the best in class products developed most efficiently, economically with speed to market.

Vetstock progress in diverse businesses has been made possible through the contribution of R&D; for quality, non-infringing process for product development and cost reduction through process innovation. Innovation at vetstock is backed by strong chemistry, bio science expertise and the knowledge bank created over the years. We have harnessed our strengths – a strong R&D team, modern R&D facilities, command over cheap technologies and economies of scale into a synergistic organic entity, continuously creating and nurturing high quality products and technologies.

In line with our goals continued focus on sustainability of business, we aim at improving stakeholder value through improved eco efficient use of capital and natural resources. Vetcan approach to sustainable development focuses on the triple bottom line of Economics, Environment and Social performance.

Vetstock is committed to leverage innovation and scale of operations at every step of the pharmaceutical value chain to deliver value to our stakeholders. 

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Vision Outline

Leadership Development
Vetcan unique Talent Management program facilitates early detection of employees with high potential.

Our vision is to develop individuals and a formidable team that improve overall development to support vetcan drugs in attaining its strategy of business growth. Career development at VETSTOCK NIG LTD is therefore considered essential tools and perceived as a shared responsibility of a holistic team work for greater height.

VETSTOCK believe that you are focus on the three D’s of success namely

You are encouraged to be ambitious and carefully plan your career development in order to:
• Support your future development
• Enhance your strengths and skill sets
• Close existing gaps between performance expectations and actual performance
• Achieve your current goals
• Reinforce your engagement and commitment
Our managers create and maintain a climate that engages individuals and encourages training and development as a part of the ongoing performance management process. This unique work environment supports both your career aspirations and vetcan drugs strategy.
Vetstock infrastructure to encourage employees who want to develop, enhance their capabilities and grow within the organization. 


Leadership Cardinal Ctrategy

Vetstock Management is about establishing and maintaining competitive advantage through its people. It is a strategic imperative and is critical to our sustained performance and continued growth.

The main objective of the leadership strategy in to ensure the right employees are in the right positions both now and in the future. This involves the identification, development, motivation and retention of talents.
Talent Management includes three main stages: 

Talent Review

An annual screening is conducted to identify employees with high potential to excel. Subsequently, managers discuss reviews at the Round Table, and generate final Key Talent Pools for reward.

VETSTOCK NIG LIMITED conducts a thorough analysis in order to identify critical positions that are considered essential to the viability of the business, in the short-term and/or the long-term, and that would significantly impact the overall success of the business if not filled in a timely manner. Critical positions can result from unique knowledge or scarce skills, long integration period, strategic priority, etc. 


The Advantages of the Talent Management Program

The Talent Management Program holds considerable benefits for employees and for company as a whole.

Benefits for Key Talents
• Challenging professional activities
• Exposure to cross-organizational strategies and procedures
• Rewards and recognition
• Personal development and growth

Benefits for Vetstock
• A robust talent pipeline that addresses current and future organizational demands
• Advanced integration of promising key figures and critical positions
• Enhancement of vetcan global knowledge
• Greater confidence of partners in leadership capacity

Improving health, and productivity in animal and pet world.
This is our purpose and our driving force. It gives meaning to everything we do, and it is the reason we come to work each morning. It is about us, the people of Vetstock applying our capabilities and skills, as well as our passion and human touch, to improve health and productivity of animal husbandry in our society. 


We value action. We come to life when we have deadlines to meet and problems to solve. When we combine this determination and “can do” approach with greater collaboration, planning and alignment, we ignite the power of together. This way we will work more effectively, co-create better solutions, and achieve together things we never thought possible. This is the way we collaborate at Vetstock.
At your service teem 

We love being first. We love it when we lead and shape the industry in animal health This warrior mindset is what makes us first. To stay ahead of the game in a constantly changing environment, we dare to be different. We have the courage to keep our minds open: reach out, ask questions, identify opportunities in unexpected places and tap into them. We must continue to be hungry learners: experiment, innovate and be resilient and adaptive to change. We make the decisions required to take our business forward, and execute on them with focus and determination. For us, this is leadership.


We are imaginative and inventive, striving to apply our creativity where it matters most: where we can improve health and make the business of animal husbandry better and more productive. While we are never creative when it comes to compliance with regulations or to the safety and quality of our products, we look for original and better ways to excel, and discover solutions for current and future animal health challenges. We drive ourselves to raise the bar and provide sustainable value in a differentiated way.

We care. We care about sustainable animal husbandry business. We care about the productivity of farmers, the communities we touch, and the planet we live on. We care about vetcan people all over the world. It starts with us: we are attentive and considerate to those around us, and we take care of each other. We strive to be true partners in trust-based relationships. By doing what’s right, we care and we earn respect.


We are proud to work in a company that improves WELBEING OF OUR ANIMALS and contributes to people’s wellbeing. Each and every day, we are making a difference to the lives of people around the world. We have a responsibility to uphold this legacy and to apply the highest ethical and moral standards to everything we do. And at the end of the day, when we go home and tell our families about our actions and decisions, we know they can be proud of us - and of us. At VETSTOCK, we make our families proud by acting with integrity and honesty.

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